1. Haggard Cat
    Nottingham, UK
  2. Those Damn Crows
    Bridgend, UK
  3. Massive Wagons
    Carnforth, UK
  4. Alireza
    Washington, D.C.
  5. Adema
    Bakersfield, California
  6. Akercocke
    London, UK
  7. Anata
    Varberg, Sweden
  8. And Hell Followed With
    Detroit, Michigan
  9. At The Gates
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  10. Autonomy
    Daventry, UK
  11. Beecher
    Manchester, UK
  12. The Berzerker
    Melbourne, Australia
  13. Biomechanical
    London, UK
  14. Blood from the Soul
    Birmingham, UK
  15. Blood Red Throne
    Kristiansand, Norway
  16. Blo.Torch
    Leidschendam, Netherlands
  17. Bolt Thrower
    Coventry, UK
  18. Bonded By Blood
    Pomona, California
  19. The Boy Will Drown
    Norwich, UK
  20. Cadaver Inc
    Oslo, Norway
  21. Carcass
    Liverpool, UK
  22. Carnage
    Växjö, Sweden
  23. Carnival in Coal
    Amiens, France
  24. Cathedral
    Coventry, UK
  25. Cauldron
    Toronto, Ontario
  26. Cerebral Bore
    Glasgow, UK
  27. The Chasm
    Chicago, Illinois
  28. Clutch
    Frederick, Maryland
  29. Coalesce
    Kansas City, Missouri
  30. Corporation 187
    Linköping, Sweden
  31. Cult of Luna
    Umeå, Sweden
  32. Danny Worsnop
    Nashville, Tennessee
  33. Dawn of Relic
    Oulu, Finland
  34. Deathwitch
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  35. December
    Reno, Nevada
  36. December Wolves
    Salem, Massachusetts
  37. Deicide
    Tampa, Florida
  38. Diamond Plate
    Chicago, Illinois
  39. Dub War
    Newport, UK
  40. Electro Hippies
    Saint Helens, UK
  41. The Elysian Fields
    Athens, Greece
  42. Enforcer
    Arvika, Sweden
  43. Entombed
    Stockholm, Sweden
  44. Entwined
    Colchester, UK
  45. Ephel Duath
    Padua, Italy
  46. Evil Survives
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  47. Evile
    Huddersfield, UK
  48. Excruciator
    Portland, Oregon
  49. Exmortem
    Aarhus, Denmark
  50. Exmortus
    Whittier, California
  51. Extreme Noise Terror
    Ipswich, UK
  52. Farmakon
    Tampere, Finland
  53. Filthy Christians
    Falun, Sweden
  54. Forest Stream
    Chernogolovka, Russia
  55. Gandalf
    Helsinki, Finland
  56. Garden of Shadows
    Gaithersburg, Maryland
  57. Godflesh
    Birmingham, UK
  58. Goodbye June
    Nashville, Tennessee
  59. Green Druid
    Denver, Colorado
  60. Hate Eternal
    Saint Petersburg, Florida
  61. The Haunted
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  62. Hellbastard
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  63. Heresy
    Nottingham, UK
  64. Hour of 13
    Hickory, North Carolina
  65. Ignominious Incarceration
    Bath, UK
  66. Insect Warfare
    Houston, Texas
  67. Insision
    Stockholm, Sweden
  68. Intense Degree
    Mansfield, UK
  69. Janus Stark
    Peterborough, UK
  70. Kagoule
    Nottingham, UK
  71. Lawnmower Deth
    Ravenshead, UK
  72. Linea 77
    Turin, Italy
  73. Lost Soul
    Wrocław, Poland
  74. Lunaris
    Oslo, Norway
  75. Massacre
    Tampa, Florida
  76. Massive
    Melbourne, Australia
  77. Meathook Seed
    Birmingham, UK
  78. Merciless Death
    Los Angeles, California
  79. Metalian
    Montreal, Québec
  80. Midnight Chaser
    San Francisco, California
  81. Morbid Angel
    Tampa, Florida
  82. The More I See
    Peterborough, UK
  83. Mortiis
    Notodden, Norway
  84. Municipal Waste
    Richmond, Virginia
  85. Nachtmystium
  86. Napalm Death
    Meriden, UK
  87. Narcosis
    England, UK
  88. Natur
    New York, New York
  89. Nocturnus
    Tampa, Florida
  90. Nox
    The Hague, Netherlands
  91. Oceano
    Chicago, Illinois
  92. Ol Drake
    Huddersfield, UK
  93. OLD
    Bergenfield, New Jersey
  94. Order of Ennead
    Tampa, Florida
  95. Painkiller
    New York, New York
  96. Phantom Witch
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  97. Pulkas
    London, UK
  98. Rabies Caste
    Jerusalem, Israel
  99. Rakoth
    Obninsk, Russia
  100. Rival Sons
    Long Beach, California
  101. Savage Messiah
    London, UK
  102. Scorn
    Birmingham, UK
  103. The Seven Gates
    Mâcon, France
  104. Severe Torture
    Boxtel, Netherlands
  105. Shortie
    Sacramento, California
  106. Sign of the Jackal
    Rovereto, Italy
  107. Sleep
    San Jose, California
  108. Sore Throat
    Huddersfield, UK
  109. The Soulless
    Bath, UK
  110. Spazztic Blurr
    Portland, Oregon
  111. Spellcaster
    Portland, Oregon
  112. SSS
    Liverpool, UK
  113. Terrorizer
    Los Angeles, California
  114. !T.O.O.H.!
    Prague, Czechia
  115. Unseen Terror
    Broseley, UK
  116. Urkraft
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  117. Usurper
    Chicago, Illinois
  118. Vader
    Olsztyn, Poland
  119. Vektor
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  120. Vindicator
    Cleveland, Ohio
  121. Wakrat
    Los Angeles, California
  122. With Passion
    Sacramento, California
  123. Without Face
    Veszprém, Hungary
  124. Wolverine
    Söderhamn, Sweden
  125. Woods of Ypres
    Windsor, Ontario
  126. Wormrot


Earache Records Nottingham, UK

Founded in 1986 in Nottingham, England, Earache Records kickstarted a global music revolution, releasing some of the very first extreme metal recordings and launching the careers of pioneers such as Napalm Death, Morbid Angel and Carcass. Earache has since expanded its range to blues rock in the form of rising superstars such as Rival Sons and The Temperance Movement. ... more

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